"Hand in hand" would like to thank the Mayor of Bat Yam, Mr Yossi Bachar, who showed his appreciation for extraordinary our activities within the organization.
This week, the Mayor of Bat Yam and fills the role Rabbi Barnes, his friend, Rabbi gloiberman, head of "hand in hand".
During the exciting encounter, gave the Mayor and Barnes, certificate of appreciation, gratitude for the cooperation and assistance received from needy families at sea and Association.

Rabbi gloiberman acknowledged the gesture and gave his book "the meaning of" ohel

We look forward to further cooperation and to continue to participate in helping the precious Mermaid residents need.

Yad beyad ", we need always to volunteers and contributors, in order to allow us to reach all in need, every geographic region.

To volunteer and donations please contact us by phone 08-9209000, email [email protected], or post here.