A week into the school year, I got a disturbing phone call from my son’s principle informing e that my son had not been to school once.

I was very upset and concerned.

I approached my son and asked him to explain. My heart sank. He explained that he was too embarrassed to go to school.

I had no money to buy him a new book bag. All I could give him was his older sisters old bag. It had some holes and was also pink in color. I thought it was good enough. I was wrong.

Our social worker recommended I get in touch with Yad Beyad. They not only gave my son a brand new book bag but they also stocked him up with all the supplies he needed. Pencils, pens, notebooks, paper and MORE!

Thanks to Yad beyad my son had a great school year and he and I are now both very proud.

Baruch from Ramat gan