I am a single mother and I don’t have much to give my children other than love. I have so much Love for them it is crazy. Unfortunately love does not pay the bills or buy them new must when they need it.

One day the social worker came to visit us at home and she saw the state in which we lived. She asked how I planned on getting my kids their school supplies are for the upcoming appointments gadget school year that was about to start. She asked how I was going to buy them new must for school. I had no honors program for her. I felt so helpless that I began to cry.

She comforted me and directed me to Yad BeYad. Not only did Bayad Yad give my children all the school supplies are they needed to succeed but they also gave them new must so they could feel good on their first day of school. As if that wasn’t enough, Yad BeYad t also supplied me with food to feed my growing children so they would have the energy required to learn.

Yad BeYad saved me and my children. I can not thank them enough!

Rivka from Ramleh