Table are combined and klezmer, show was attended by about 80 survivors, and celebrated Hanukkah party in-hand Association Lod  

The pomp and circumstance was held the week of Chanukah party for elderly and Holocaust survivors, the grace Chair: "hand in hand" Rabbi gloiberman Lod

The combination table lunch and klezmer concert, attended by about 80 survivors, and celebrated the seventh candle of Hanukkah holiday club "golden age" of hand in hand.

The seventh candle (orally) lit a Holocaust survivor who was very excited with Rabbi gloiberman

Rabbi gloiberman Yad Organization Chairman spoke of the importance of the Hanukkah holiday which is the holiday miracles and candles which are lit every year, this House is your home and gives you food and company throughout the year,
In addition to ongoing activities taking place instead, widespread activity is held twice a week for starting a day with music, songs and games, and more.

The seniors enjoyed lunch and concert singer and tool Association volunteers gave them Donuts Negro, aged out and happy with a sense of "we have a happy home."

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