Furniture Center

The Furniture Center was established by Yad B’Yad with the help of The Lotus Foundation and Ilan Ben-Dov in order to provide for thousands of needy families, immigrants and the elderly, who lack even the most basic furniture in their homes.

This enterprise was established in light of the difficult situation of the needy in Israel, and many requests from social workers who visited their homes and saw that there are some families that do not have a refrigerator, and they do the laundry by hand, and the children sleep on the floor in the living room.

A new truck was donated with the help of the “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews” headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Every day, volunteers collect dozens of home furnishing products, and bring them to a large warehouse, where the furniture and appliances are cleaned and repaired.

Those in need who come with a form from the social worker that was in their home, will receive what they are missing from the warehouse.

The Furniture Center is run with the highest standards by Mr. David Edry who treats all those that come with joy, respect and dignity.

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