We cooked 79,500 meals this year

In the central soup kitchen of the YadBeyad organization,

A hot winter meal

Thousands of families and survivors are in need of a warm meal

Make their special day, special

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful wedding and as such this is a huge mitzvah.

A Schoolbag For Every Child

thousands of schoolchildren who go to school every day without essential school supplies, like a backpack or pencils

Some of Our Many Projects Include…

Food Distribution

Our food center contains all necessary basic food items – such as canned foods, drinks, baby food, sugar free products, household cleaning products and more.

Furniture Center

We provide for thousands of needy families, immigrants and the elderly, who lack even the most basic furniture in their homes.

Food Kitchen

Open to all. Our diners do not come just to eat, the Food Kitchen is also a place to socialize. We are proud to offer them not only a hot meal, but also a new taste for life.

Holiday Food Distribution

For those without the Holidays bring with them instead of joy, added pressure and worry. We elevate all that with our Holiday Food Distribution.

Kid's Schoolbags

Each year Yad BeYad distributes thousands of new backpacks and high quality school supplies to the neediest of children.

A Warm Winter

Thousands of needy people lack the means to keep themselves warm. We provide those in need with down blankets & warm winter coats.

Clothing Center

People are forced to wear dirty, old & torn clothes. Our Clothing & Footwear Center provides new & fashionable clothing at symbolic prices.

Lone Soldiers

Helping soldiers & lone soldiers with financial difficulties is a soft spot for our association.We help every soldier that asks with open hearts,as well we adopt army units

Purim Costumes

No child wants to be the only one of their friends without a costume for Purim. We keep kids smiling and in costumes so that they are happy on Purim.

Yad BeYad Assists Thousands of Families in Israel

Yad BeYad is a warm, friendly environment where we fulfill everyone’s basic needs, from fresh food, new clothing, footwear and more.  In the large warehouse of Yad B’yad you can see the love that is radiated on to every person, all of the time. For those families in need, daily distress has unfortunately become part of daily life. Yad BeYad is the only place that helps change that.

Help Us Continue Our Important Mission

We are fortunate to be able to clothe and feed thousands of families all over Israel. We can not continue the important mission without the help of gracious people like you.