Food Distribution Center

Everyone can find a warm and caring environment where they can fill all of their basic needs, from fresh food, new clothing and footwear, and the spirit of giving with a large team of volunteers.

In our Yad BeYad warehouse you can see the love that is radiated on to each person, all of the time. For those families in need, the daily distress of poverty has become, unfortunately, part of life. And Yad BeYad is the only place that provides for them their most basic of daily needs – food.

In light of the plight of the needy, our organization decided to open a food center that contains all necessary basic food items – such as canned foods, drinks, baby food, sugar free products, household cleaning products and more.

If you are in need of this service please contact us.

If you would lie to help this important mission continue, please consider donating to Yad BeYad now. 

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