The Yad B’yad organization was founded by Rabbi Yaakov Globerman in the year 2000. To provide assistance to thousands of needy families, Holocaust Survivors, old & alone, in the Shfela area & the surrounding areas. As well we help people from the Former Soviet Union, Ethiopian community, widows,orphans & single mothers which are less fortunate. They are all being helped during the year with a smile, welcome & open hearts, regardless of religion, race, sex or color, everyone without exception is treated equally to ease thier hard life & distress.

In the huge hall of Yad B’Yad which is the center & core of our daily activities you can see the love & care for each person,for those families in need the daily plight has become unfortunately a part of our lives, and Yad Beyad became in fact the only place that provides & gives them basic needs such as food, blankets, winter clothing, hot meals & even second hand furniture.

Many projects were founded between our walls.All of them provides hope, good will & compassion for thousands of Israeli citizens. Between our many projects we count: distribuation of food baskets to the needy for the holidays, Paasover Provision,Bar Mitzva project, fresh & hot meals to Holocaust Survivors in the soup kitchen, winter blankets, children’s costumes for Purim holiday, schoolbags & school supplies, lone soliders with financial problems, and as well our second hand furniture center & as well a prestigious Bridal Salon giving   opportunity to each maiden or woman who wants to get married with dignity & splendor on thier important day.

The grim picture of the social welfare services in Isreal that are colapsing in the face of abject poverty is increasing daily,puts us in front of the hard daily reality of a lot of good Israeli citizens,elderly & young children who cannot live in dignity.

We must look around us & see with a human eye to those disadvataged who need us in cold winter days, israeli holidays during the year round.This obligation makes us a proud cohesive nation.

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