Tnuva contributes for the community

In honor of Shavuot, the Yad BeYadorganization gave a basket of dairy products and other products that will allow those in need to enjoy Shavuot.

In honor of Shavuot, the Yad BeYad Organization in the city of Lod gave a large basket of products plus a variety of dairy products in honor of Shavuot for the elderly and low-income families.

Rabbi Jacob Gloiverman says that once again the Holy One, blessed be He, heard his prayer and a few days before Shavuot a “Tnuva” phone call was received about providing dairy products, delicacies, special cheeses and together with other donors we were privileged to give many families along with the elderly a basket of products including fruits and vegetables, challah for the holiday , and a wide variety of dairy products.

These donations of product baskets in honor of Shavuot allow us to lift this heavy load together with the public and see the thousands of families putting cheeses and delicacies on the holiday table that they have not seen for a long time.
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