A bouquet of flowers for the chef of the Hased restaurant

The chef of the "Yad-Beyad" aid organization restaurant experienced a particularly moving moment today when she received a distinguished bouquet of flowers.

Ziva Asraf, the dedicated chef of the “Yad Beyad” charity restaurant in Lod, experienced a particularly emotional moment today when she received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
When asked who gave her the lovely bouquet, Ziva replied with excitement, “An elderly and very lonely woman whom I have been caring for daily for the past five years with cooked meals and baskets of fruits and vegetables.”


This touching act illustrates Ziva’s great dedication to her work and her care for people in need of help.


For the past five years, she has been ensuring the elderly woman receives cooked meals and baskets of fruits and vegetables, making sure she lacks nothing.
Ziva speaks of the great satisfaction she feels from being able to help others through her work. “My job is not just cooking,” she says, “but also caring for and loving people who need it.”
The “Yad Beyad” charity operates for the benefit of the community, providing assistance to people in distress through donations and the dedicated work of volunteers.


Ziva, with her big heart and blessed hands, embodies these values and demonstrates how true giving can make a significant difference in people’s lives.


The story of the bouquet is a testament to the deep connection that has formed between Ziva and those she helps, and to the power of small gestures to express genuine appreciation and thanks.
“I am moved and grateful for this gesture,” says Ziva. “It gives me the strength to continue investing in my work and the community.”
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