A tefillin stand was donated to the “HaParliament” café

yad beyad At the "Parliament" cafe in the Yad Beyad charity complex, a unique event took place on the occasion of the donation of a stand for placing tefillin, for the upliftment of the soul of the late important woman Limor Dai Stoler.

At the “HaParliament” café in the city of Lod, a unique event was held to commemorate the donation of a tefillin stand in memory of the esteemed Limor Dayi Stoller, of blessed memory.


The stand was donated by Limor’s family, who were known for her significant contributions to the community and her last role as the manager of the Be’er Ya’akov Mall.
The “HaParliament” café is a well-known meeting place in Lod, where retirees and soldiers can enjoy free courses, social and community events, as well as complimentary coffee and pastries.


The stand was placed in a central and accessible location, with the goal of making the mitzvah of laying tefillin available to all who wish to perform it.
Limor’s family spoke about the great importance of the donation to them and expressed hope that the stand would help preserve Limor’s memory in the most fitting way, by enabling the performance of this important daily mitzvah in a public place.


The initiative received widespread support from the local community, who expressed their gratitude and admiration for the family for this beautiful and touching gesture.
“This is a wonderful way to honor Limor’s memory,” said her sister, Mrs. Mally Aris, “She always cared for others, and now, with this stand, she continues to care for the community.”
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