Bridal Studio

A social salon offers everyone: a wedding dress, a dress, shoes, evening dresses for bridesmaids, bridesmaids dresses, accessories and jewelry.

There are brides who are very interested and don’t know who to turn to

In general, if you don’t want to pay 10,000 shekels for a wedding dress.
You are invited to come to us by prior arrangement to receive a luxurious wedding dress with personal adjustment.

❤️ The social bridal salon offers everyone the following without any difference or document check: wedding dress, veil, shoes, evening dresses for attendants, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and jewelry.

All this with the participation of only NIS 500.
Without asterisks, the package includes: wedding dress + personal seamstress + repairs + dry cleaning.

We have about 200 wedding dresses and evening dresses.

Mifal Hachesed Yad B’Yad
Address: Beit Hadin 10 Lod,
Welcome with love 🙂
To coordinate, click here👈🏻
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