Commissioner of the State of Israel Service

Commissioner of the State of Israel – Professor Daniel Hershkovitz, Deputy Accountant General of the State of Israel Mr. Ofer Peleg together with the senior staff of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services in Israel paid an official visit to the “Yad BeYad” charitable center in Lod to learn more about poverty among families and the elderly In Israel,

Rabbi Yaakov Globerman accompanied the tour and presented the organization’s activities for and for the welfare of vulnerable populations and the plight of the associations in the budgets of the Ministry of Welfare,

After visiting all the welfare departments of “Yad BeYad” and the lunch held at the social center for the benefit of Holocaust survivors and loners, the guests thanked the volunteers of the Yad Beid Association and its leader, Rabbi Yaakov Globerman, who presented them with his book “The Gate to the Parsha”
יד ביד נציב מדינת ישראל בביקור
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