costumes for needy children in israel

Who will take care of orphaned children who do not have the money to buy costumes for the holiday of Purim?

The call center of the Mifal aHcesed Yad BeYad center in the city of Lod receives non-stop calls with requests for assistance to distressed children in Purim costumes.


This week a really painful phone call was received…


The principal of the school is well known in the city and she tells in tears about a very unfortunate phenomenon.


“there are students who do not come on the day everyone dresses – Purim because parents were not allowed to buy costumes due to their difficult financial situation”. School’s principal.


“We make days and nights for children who need costumes on Purim,” says Rabbi Yaakov Gleiberman, founder and director of the Yad BeYad charity project.


We at Yad-Bay have been attentive for over 22 years for the benefit of those children, parents, new immigrants, and every year bring a huge donation of thousands of costumes from leading companies in Israel to make those children happy not to stay home on such a day of joy and rejoicing.


The costumes are distributed through the welfare authorities throughout Israel from Dan to Eilat, thus making the children happy who are the future generation of the Land of Israel.


In addition to this, about a month before Purim, a huge happening was held in the logistics center of the association in Lod, where the children from the Lod-Ramla area and the surrounding area choose together with the parents the costume they want and receive it with love.


Many thanks to Shoshi Zohar, a partner in the project and donated thousands of costumes for children in need. 

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