Dania Sibus Group has helped hundreds of needy families

The company's employees and managers worked non-stop to provide the needs of the holiday for Holocaust survivors and families in need

Mr. Ronan Ginzburg – the CEO of the Israeli construction company “Dania Group” arrived together with the entire management team and dozens of selected employees to the logistics center of Mifal chesed the Yad BeYad in Lod,

There they worked from early morning until noon packing boxes of food products, fruits, fish, poultry and vegetables.


Rabbi Jacob Globerman, the director of the organization, personally thanked the group’s CEO Mr. Ronan Ginzburg and the entire staff for their non-stop dedicated work for the welfare of Holocaust survivors.

Ronan Ginzburg CEO of Dania Sibus Group
Ran Friedman, Vice President of the Dania Round Group
Dania Sibus Group employees working for the community
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