Down blankets and stoves for Holocaust survivors and survivors​

Volunteers of the "Mifal Hachesed Yad B'Yad" organization are currently providing heating kits and food products to Holocaust survivors and survivors

In the midst of the rainy and cold winter days, the volunteers of the Mifal HaChesed Yad B’Yad.


To provide heating kits that include: a duvet, gloves, an umbrella, stoves, slippers, a towel and in addition a box with dozens of food products for Holocaust survivors and survivors who find it difficult to keep warm during the winter.
Today, the founder and director of the organization, Rabbi Jacob Globerman, joined the distribution of the heating kits and, together with the volunteers, provided heating to the homes of those in need.

It should be noted that this is the 23rd year that the Mifal HaChesed Yad B’Yad association provides winter blankets through the welfare authorities all over Israel
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