For children without costumes on Purim

Tens of thousands of costumes arrived at the "Yad BeYad" charities in preparation for Purim, volunteers from the "Eitan" high school from Kibbutz Naan, arrived to sort and arrange them at the logistics center of the organization in Lod,

These days if you look for us we are in costumes.

We started with record preparations for the distribution of thousands of new Purim costumes and accessories that arrived at the “Yad Yad” charities.

With the help of “Eitan” high school volunteers from Kibbutz Naan, the students and the staff, who came to sort and arrange them at the “Yad BeYad” logistics center in Lod.

In the coming days, “Yad BeYad” volunteers will begin distributing them to tens of thousands of Israeli children in need in cooperation with the welfare departments of dozens of local authorities.

Thanks to the largest costume company in Israel “Shushi Zohar” who helps us every year by donating the costumes and makes sure to make the children of Israel happy.

❤ Support for children

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