Furnishing the entire house for a Lone  IDF soldier

Today we were happy to provide furniture as part of a special operation aimed at helping a Lone soldier who is in financial distress.

Today, IDF soldiers arrived at the “Mifal Hachesed Yad Beyad” charity’s second-hand furniture distribution center in Lod as part of a special operation aimed at assisting a lone soldier facing financial distress. The soldiers loaded a military vehicle with furniture and electrical appliances intended to improve the quality of life for the soldier who lacks basic furniture in his home.

The “Mifal Hachesed Yad Beyad” charity in Lod has been operating for many years for the benefit of the community, providing essential assistance to families, individuals, and new immigrants in need of furniture and electrical appliances. The center receives donations from the general public and distributes them to those in need, with the aim of improving their lives and providing a more pleasant home environment.

David Edri, the manager of the furniture center, stated, “We provide assistance throughout the year to soldiers and security personnel in distress, alongside families and new immigrants who need furniture and electrical appliances. Today, it is a great honor for us to help a lone soldier and provide him with the support and assistance he so desperately needs.”

The operation was made possible thanks to close cooperation between the IDF and the “Hand in Hand” charity, and the soldiers expressed their satisfaction and pride in participating in this operation. They noted that it was an important and heartwarming act that would significantly improve the living conditions of their fellow soldier.

Such activities, combining community donation and mutual assistance, reflect the values of camaraderie and social solidarity that characterize Israeli society. The managers of the charity call on the general public to continue donating so they can keep helping more and more people in need

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