Happy Hanukkah to children and Holocaust survivors

Hanukkah is already upon us and we at the Yad Yad organization have started packing thousands of sweet Hanukkah boxes for Galamud and children in need

With the help of the students of Yeshiva Tzvia Elyashiv Lod, today we started packing thousands of sweet Hanukkah boxes with a host of surprises that will be distributed during the days of Hanukkah to Holocaust survivors and survivors and to families and children who need joy

Why is it customary to donate to the needy on Hanukkah?


1. During the Hanukkah holiday, giving donations to the needy is very important. There are two reasons for this:

Hanukkah is also called the holiday of the ‘Urim’, the essence of the holiday is an exit from darkness to light. Each person goes out to his own light and this is why it is customary to donate to the needy on Hanukkah – this is the coming out of the needy person from the darkness to the light with the help of your donation.


2. The Greeks in their war against the Jews wanted to move them from their customs and tried to assimilate Greek ways and ideologies into them. At the end of the war, the people of Israel had to be brought back from the way of the Greeks and they did this with the help of the mitzvot of charity which returned to the people of Israel the good values of the Torah and the commandments and thus they returned to the way of the Torah.

Happy Holidays to the Jews of Israel


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