Holocaust survivors celebrated Hanukkah

Dozens of Holocaust survivors and the elderly happily celebrated Hanukkah together with Sodexo employees

Dozens of Holocaust survivors and elderly people celebrated Hanukkah in a special and very moving party in the dining hall of the central stew house in the city of Lod, organized by the charity Yad BeYad.
The management of the Sodexo Israel company together with the staff of employees rallied and helped to make the following happy,


The event opened with the lighting of a Hanukkah candle with Rabbi Bezalel Glauberman from the management of the Yad Yad organization, after which they sat down to a holiday meal with dishes and delicacies prepared by the dedicated cook Zehava Asraf.


After feasting their hearts, they played together “Hanukah Bingo” in which several people won valuable gifts, they enjoyed hearing music to the sound of guitar sounds accompanied by the words of Hanukkah holiday songs projected on a huge screen.


Mrs. Rinat Lachma, Vice President of Human Resources, Sodexo “We are happy and proud to make Holocaust survivors and the elderly happy with love”


Mrs. Mali Aris, director of the Yad BeYad charity center, thanked the Sodexo company for your wonderful contribution and the happiness they managed to bring to the faces of Holocaust survivors and the elderly.
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