Record preparation for the events of the Hanukkah holiday​

Excited for the coming of the Holiday of Lights, packing hundreds of holiday boxes, and producing Hanukkah parties for the welfare of Galmud Holocaust survivors

Towards the coming of the Holiday of Light, we at the Yad B’Yad charity organization are very excited.

We started packing many hundreds of sweet boxes that include a game and all kinds of sweets and snacks, with the help of students and the wonderful teachers from Maxim Levy Darka High School, Lod.

The boxes will be distributed to the soldiers of the IDF and the security forces and on the days of Hanukkah we will visit the homes of about 400 Holocaust survivors and survivors whom we know and are in daily contact with. They live here in the city of Lod.

On the days of Hanukkah, we will hold two very happy events with lots of music and joy, one for the survivors of Vashah and Galamod and the other for pensioners who donate to help us in a variety of projects for the welfare of the community.
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