The Empire of Giving:Yad Beyad are preparing to distribute food for Rosh Hashanah

Following the high inflation figures and the highest consumption costs in the world, the empire of grace was revealed to thousands of television viewers

A comprehensive article and interview was conducted with the man of kindness Rabbi Yaakov Globerman about his life’s work on Channel 14.


The filmed article presented the empire of kindness established in the city of Lod, a host of projects that continue this year and every day for the aid and well-being of thousands of needy families alongside new immigrants and holocaust survivors.


Now in preparation for the beginning of the school year, the Yad-Bid charity enterprise association has distributed 10,000 new satchels along with writing sets through the welfare departments and social workers to students from families who have difficulty coping with the high costs, especially at the beginning of the school year.


“Unfortunately, the Israeli government is busy with politics – it does not help the poor in the State of Israel


The families who cannot purchase food products for Shabbat and holiday meals, and brides who stop and do not have to pay 7,000 NIS for renting a wedding dress for several hours.


“Now, before the elections, we are once again hearing promises of aid from the government to poor families, but the promises have proven in the past that they are just talk,”


says Rabbi Glauberman in a pained voice.



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