The phone call that made 450 IDF soldiers happy

The phone call that came at the beginning of the week to volunteer Ms. Suzi Ben-Eliyahu brought a lot of happiness at the end of the week to 450 IDF soldiers at the base in the south of the country

The volunteer Mrs. Suzi Ben-Eliyahu received a phone call at the beginning of the week, from a young mother who is at home with a six-month-old baby, and she requests that they bring cooked food to her husband, who has been in the reserves for 3 months and commands a group of fighters in southern Israel.

Mrs. Susie together with the volunteers made sure to cook and prepare 450 cooked meals! For those special warriors.

Our volunteers come every day to the Hased restaurant where they cook home-cooked meals,
For those IDF soldiers who guard Israel’s border.

The soldiers and female soldiers enjoyed and were satisfied with the delicious food and thanked the volunteers who prepared and cooked it with great excitement.
מתנדבי מפעל החסד יד ביד מעניקים ארוחות מבושלות לחיילי צה"ל
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