There are 6,500 lone soldiers in Israel – YAD BEYAD supporting them

Rabbi Yaakov Gleiberman brings assistance to IDF soldiers
There are currently about 6,500 lone soldiers in Israel and thousands more who are defined as disadvantaged. These soldiers face financial difficulties daily during and after their service, especially in such a difficult year. They need your regular support to ensure the good life they deserve.
The lone soldiers come to serve in the IDF from all over the world: the United States, Russia, Australia, France, Canada, South Africa and more. These young men and women could go on with their lives in their birth countries, to enroll in academic studies or start a meaningful career. Instead, they chose to immigrate to Israel on their own, leave their families and serve in significant positions in the IDF.
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The state’s ongoing assistance to the lone soldier amounts to less than NIS 3,000, which is supposed to cover housing, food and subsistence, clothing, medicine, travel and any other needs.
It is clear beyond any doubt that there is no person who can handle the burden of routine on such a low budget, and of course it is clear that the budget does not allow for an adequate standard of living, especially in view of the cost of living and price increases in recent years.
In the 20th Knesset, Yisrael Beytenu in the Knesset provided assistance to discharged soldiers, which was abolished by the current government. The party is now mobilizing for the effort of the Yad Beyad organization under the authority of Rabbi Yaakov Gloiberman. The association provides assistance to soldiers in the IDF who are in difficult situations, and even adopts military units. The assistance is expressed in the supply of home furniture, collecting electrical and second-hand products, dry and fresh food products and more.
The chairman of Yisrael Beytenu, MK Avigdor Liberman, commented on the initiative: “The assistance to lone soldiers we passed in the 20th Knesset was canceled by the Bibi-Gantz government, which prefers to trample on the public who serve in the army and pay taxes, in order to distribute political bribes and invest in the CEO to the alternate prime minister. We will not allow a situation in which lone soldiers will be thrown into the street. We will fight in the next finance committee to reverse the decision.”
In Yisrael Beytenu, they decided to act with all their might, and added: “As a public that supports soldiers who protect Israel’s security and the character of the entire Jewish people, we cannot sit idly by. Every soldier has the right to a tranquil life.”
Yad Beyad will not stand on the side, and out of a sense of belonging and responsibility for the future of Israeli society – is fully volunteering for hundreds of lone soldiers every year with home furniture and second-hand electrical products, dry and fresh food products and more.
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Rabbi Yaakov Gleiberman brings assistance to IDF soldiers
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