Washing machine for families in need

We received a phone call to the organization's offices and the man told with tears: "For three months we have been washing the dirty clothes by hand" hand in hand volunteers arrived at their home within 24 hours and caused happiness and joy!

The phone call was received at the offices of the charity Yad Yad organization, on Wednesday morning there was a man on the phone line by the name of Roni,


He said: For three months now, they have been washing the dirty clothes by hand in their house…


Within 24 hours, hand-in-hand volunteers arrived and went up to their house (4 floors – no elevator) and brought them a really good 5 kg washing machine, which will be used for washing and make their lives easier.


We were born to do good and bring them happiness and joy.

Next time before you throw away a washing machine or a teenage bed send us a message here.

We will arrive and collect them for those who need assistance and support.

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