Yad BeYad for Purim: costume donation in shopping malls

In preparation for the holiday of Purim, the chain of Ofer shopping malls works in cooperation with the "Yad BeYad" association and opens stands to deliver costumes for children from low-income families

The Ofer shopping mall chain, which has 18 shopping malls throughout the country, is going ahead with the holiday of Purim in a social activity for the “Yad Yad” association, which works in support of low-income families throughout the country.


As part of the project, delivery stations will be set up in the 18 malls for costumes to be donated by children, teenagers and parents who are invited to come to the mall closest to their home and donate their costume, which is in good condition. At the end of the period, all the costumes will be collected and handed over as a donation to children from families who cannot afford new costumes .


The stands for donating the costumes will operate from Thursday 29.02.24 until Thursday 14.03.24, during the mall’s operating hours.


According to Tali Barel, the marketing director of Ofer Malls: “In an unbearably difficult reality where many families are in a problematic economic situation, including hundreds of thousands of displaced families from the north of the country and beyond, some of whom are unable to purchase new costumes for their children, we decided for Purim to join the “Yad BeYad” association to collect thousands Costumes are in good condition.


 We will make sure those children have similar costumes so that they can come to school and kindergarten dressed up and smiling this Purim holiday.”


“For everyone at home who has costumes in the closet sometimes even if they haven’t been worn, we call on the general public to come and donate, we worked on the project to give every child a feeling of joy in their hearts,” she adds.

עמדת מסירת תחפושות בקניוני עופר צילום: עמית גאוטה

The Yad BeYad charity was established in 2000, by Rabbi Yaakov Gloiberman, to provide solutions and help for needy and difficult families throughout the country. The association also supports immigrants from the Commonwealth of Nations alongside families of Ethiopian origin and Israeli families, widows and orphans, whose luck has not improved .


The activity will be held in 18 malls throughout the country: Ofer Ramat Aviv Mall, Ofer Nahariya Mall, Ofer Center Nof HaGalil, Chutz HaForetz Outlet, Ofer Harion – Kiryot, Ofer Grand Mall – Haifa, Ofer Hadera, Ofer Hasharon – Netanya, Ofer HaKyonyon Hagadol – Pet, Ofer Sirkin – Pet, Ofer Marom – Ramat Gan, Ofer Hgiva – Givat Shmuel, Ofer Havanner – Nes Ziona, Ofer Rehovot, Ofer Billo Center Outlet, Ofer Adumim – Ma’ale Adumim, Ofer Harel Mall, Ofer Grand Mall – Beer Sheva.



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