YadBeyad assisting refugees from Ukraine

Trucks with furniture and appliances, clothes and household items were sent today to help hundreds of refugees fleeing the war in Ukrain

“In the middle of the night, I received a phone call from my friend, the mayor of Nof Hagalil, Mr. Ronen Plot, who wanted to send furniture beds to the city of Nof Hagalil immediately in the morning to absorb hundreds of refugees who came from the war in Ukraine,” says Rabbi Yaakov Gleiberman.


We immediately activated the management team and volunteers of the Mifal HaChesed organization hand in hand and organized a very large shipment of beds, youth, cots, refrigerators, ovens, blankets, housewares, cutlery and more in order to facilitate their absorption and settlement here in Eretz Israel.


Thank God our warehouses are full of thousands of items like, housewares, tables, chairs, mattresses and more that are collected daily from good people in the center of the country for families who need basic utensils.

Today we were happy to lovingly fill two trucks sent from the Galilee Landscape Municipality under the direction of Galilee Landscape Security Officer Mr. Erez Atias along with a dedicated staff of furniture and household utensils to help those refugees who managed to escape war zones in Ukraine.

Continue to lend a hand and help families, new immigrants in love

Yadbeyad helps survivors from Ukraine
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